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Tears for the broken II

Tears for the Broken II

Copper, Agate, and Aluminum framed on carpet. 100 x 90cm Dedicated to the victims of the Jihad

Brides of Isis

Brides of Isis

Brass and glass on carpet 85 x 85cm

No Title

90 x 110cm Patinated and hammered Copperplate


“170 x 80″cm Copper,brass,steel and aluminum set on treated metalplate.

Leaves II

Metal leaves on etched steelplate 90 x 50cm

No Title

Aluminum and chromed steel on betuminized woodpanel 90 x90cm

Elephant Song

120 x 60cm Driftwood, aluminum and stainless steel on sheetmetal


Metal leaves on etched sheetmetal 170 x 100cm