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Nest Egg

Copper 1 cent coins on carved wooden egg on metal sheet  100 x 80cm


Copper on metal sheet 102 x 102cm

Upperworld / Underworld

Aluminum on panel 105 x 105cm


Aluminum 180 x 80cm

1000 Year Old Egg

Aluminum on panel 80 x 100cm

Turtle Egg

Hammered copper and tin on panel 80 x 100cm

Militant Egg

Copper, brass and metal on panel 80 x 100cm

Scrambled Egg

All sorts of metals on panel 80 x 100 cm


122 x 80  Copper, Brass and metal on Acryllic woodpanel

Portal to Chaos

120 x 80cm  Brass and Acryllic on woodpanel.