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Birds of Prey

Treated copperplate 80 x 60cm

Structual Chaos

Braided 10cm sheets of copper on wooden panel. Aluminum frame. 100 x 100cm

The Forest

Etched and treated copperplate. 80 x 98cm

Elephant Song

120 x 60cm Driftwood, aluminum and stainless steel on sheetmetal


Metal leaves on etched sheetmetal 170 x 100cm

Nest Egg. Donated to Unicef

Donated to Unicef. It was auctioned and the proceeds were substantial.

1000 Year Old Egg

Aluminum on panel 80 x 100cm

Scrambled Egg

All sorts of metals on panel 80 x 100 cm


122 x 80  Copper, Brass and metal on Acryllic woodpanel

Big Tree

70 x 100cm  Melted metalsheet on etched sheet, copper and stainless mesh.