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Out of the Box


Etched steelsheet on wood 60 x 90cm Sold

Birth of an Angel

Copper & stainless steel on tar based wood  100 x 70cm Sold

Breaking Waves II

Metalsheet  60 x 100cm Sold

Building Bridges

Tin & brass on treated metalsheet 70 x 100cm Sold

Child Soldier

Wood, copper & treated metal on wood 70 x 100cm


Copper, granite & driftwood on woodbased tar 65 x 45cm Sold

Heart on Fire

Granite, brass, copper & driftwood on sheet steel 40 x 60cm Sold

Just a Pattern

Formica on metal sheet 100 x 70cm Sold

Lion’s Deterrent

Copper on lacquered steel 100 x 70cm