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Dance of the Imps

Treated sheetaluminum 150 X 70CM

A Safe Place

Copper leaves on aluminum on dark green velvet and steel rim 102cm


120 x 85cm Aluminum and black velvet on styrofoam and woodpanel


110 x 80cm Tin and acrylic on woodpanel


120 x 110cm Metal, copper and acrylic on woodpanel


90 x 70cm Clay, acrylic and resin on woodpanel

Niobe’s Tears

Aluminum, Copper and Ceramics 130 x 50cm

Birds of Prey

Treated copperplate 80 x 60cm

Structual Chaos

Braided 10cm sheets of copper on wooden panel. Aluminum frame. 100 x 100cm

Value Harnessed

Treated copper on brushed aluminum with elevated copper piping. 130 x 50cm